DRK Creative

Building your brand with creative marketing solutions.

We are DRK Creative

DRK Creative was formed in 2007 with the goal of creativity with a purpose and return on investment that imminently follows. Clients come to us with potential – we build your brand, give you a push in the right direction and watch as the results roll in. Over 20 years of experience in B2C and B2B advertising and marketing shapes the diverse DRK team into a unique group of problem solvers who deliver strategy-driven, high-impact marketing tools to build your business. We believe good marketing should sell itself, but it needs a push in the right direction. DRK gives you that push and watches your company take off.

Our Space

Four walls never stopped us from thinking outside of the box. Welcome to the place where our team turns creativity into results.

Dave Kotlan

Owner & Creative Director

Creativity with purpose – That is what I wanted my company to represent. In 2007, I made the choice to venture out into the advertising world and start a business of my own, one that would focus on design and its ability to impact brands and promise a return on investment. DRK Creative was the outcome - a marketing and advertising agency that is passionate about its agenda and strives to find new, creative solutions. Since DRK Creative’s formation, the team expanded to my family and trusted colleagues. Today we are a small, but committed group of creative thinkers who make it our priority to know each brand personally and use our skill sets to help them grow.

Joe Kotlan

Designer & Web Developer

My name is Joe Kotlan and I am a designer and web developer at DRK Creative. I graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and was fortunate to be able to use my degree right out of college when I joined the DRK Creative team. Our clients at DRK present us with new challenges everyday, which allowed me to expand my skill set from graphic design to include web development. When I’m not creating on my MacBook you can find me out long boarding, cliff jumping, skiing or catching the latest Marvel movie.

Sarah Kotlan

Creative Services Copywriter

My name is Sarah Kotlan and I am DRK Creative’s Creative Services Copywriter. I believe all brands have a voice, and it’s my job to find it. In 2015 I joined the DRK Creative team as a copywriter and have since expanded my expertise to social media management. Writing is not only a job for me, but also a hobby. I enjoy taking the time to write outside of work and pursuing other creative writing opportunities on campus at UW-Milwaukee. You might also find me exploring restaurants or running the trails in Milwaukee.

Kelly Steelman

Associate Creative Director

My name is Kelly Steelman and I am DRK Creative’s Associate Creative Director. Dave Kotlan and I knew one another from previous collaborations in the advertising world, as I have been in the advertising business for over 20 years now, but I recently made the choice to join the DRK Creative team in the summer of 2017. Design has always been a big part of my life and it has inspired me to pursue other business ventures such as my lipstick business called LipSense. Other than my work, I also enjoy playing volleyball, visiting art fairs, and spending time with my husband, kids, step kids, and granddaughter.