DRK Creative

Building your brand with creative marketing solutions.

We are DRK Creative

DRK Creative was formed in 2007 with the goal of creativity with a purpose and return on investment that imminently follows. Clients come to us with potential – we build your brand, give you a push in the right direction and watch as the results roll in. Over 20 years of experience in B2C and B2B advertising and marketing shapes the diverse DRK team into a unique group of problem solvers who deliver strategy-driven, high-impact marketing tools to build your business. We believe good marketing should sell itself, but it needs a push in the right direction. DRK gives you that push and watches your company take off.

Our Space

Four walls never stopped us from thinking outside of the box. Welcome to the place where our team turns creativity into results.

Dave Kotlan
Dave Kotlan

Owner & Creative Director

The guy who calls the shots around here. In 2007 I stepped out of the lines of compliance and ventured out on my own. Along the way I founded DRK Creative as you see it today based on an urge for creativity with purpose. My kids brought their own talents to the table and are now working by my side – You could say diligence runs in the family.

Joe Kotlan Joe Kotlan
Joe Kotlan

Designer & Web Developer

The graphics guy and web junkie. When I’m not busy creating on my MacBook you can find me out longboarding, cliff jumping, skiing or doing something else that involves at least a hint of risk. I’m also guilty for being a Marvel fanatic, but who doesn’t love superheroes?

Sarah Kotlan
Sarah Kotlan

Creative Services Copywriter

The girl who does the talking around here – online that is. I specialize in creative copy and social media at DRK Creative. Outside of the office, I use my optimism to explore new hobbies or perfect old ones like cooking, writing or exploring the city of Milwaukee and all it has to offer.