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The Beauty of Simplicity in Advertising

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There is power in simplicity – a kind of power that leaps right off the page and keeps us reading a few moments longer. In advertising, all we can ask is that our print ads are read, remembered and acted upon, which is why every word, every color, every angle and every image must be taken into account. Below are examples of minimalistic print ads that bring together those components in perfect harmony and catch our attention for all the right reasons.


 Zero Is Our Hero

Lego released a series of advertisements that featured no words. Only a picture of their product with an alluring shadow is pictured in these print ads – and it works. Readers do not need the addition of text to explain what the ad portrays, in fact it would be a distraction. Instead, the image and shadow show the product being sold as well as depict nostalgia and the creativity Lego possesses.






Less Says More

With only a few words, we are drawn in by the contrast and composition of Canon’s print ad. This is partially due to its irregular angles and the caption, “What’s Your Angle?” Our eyes typically follow a ‘Z’ formation when reading, however this ad uses an abnormal pattern that keeps readers on the page a few moments longer. The caption, “What’s Your Angle?” relates directly to the product being sold. Even though we do not see an image of the product, we still know it is a camera by Canon.


 Take A Closer Look

From a distance, a set of gleaming white teeth sits centered on the page. However, looking closer we discover that the set of teeth are not teeth at all, but instead a collection of white hard helmets. We have just thrown our readers off a bit and as a result, they stay on the page a few seconds more to take a closer look. Our readers see hard helmets and learn to associate that with Sensodyne toothpaste protecting teeth. This idea is again reinforced with the statement, “Protects” beneath the image.




Read. Remember. Act. Print advertisers ask for only these three little words. However, successfully attaining this goal requires strategic planning and creativity. Through minimalistic advertising, readers are engaged, remember brands easier, and are more likely to buy the product or service.

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