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8 Heartwarming Stories That Prove Customer Service Is Still Alive

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In the age of giant media conglomerates, it is refreshing to know big brands and their employees go the extra mile to show compassion and care for their customers. We complied a list of our favorite customer service stories that prove brands are still human.


1. Zappos

A married couple prepares to move into a new home and begins packing away their belongings. The husband carefully places his wife’s jewelry into a Zappos purse and box with the best intentions to keep the jewelry from being damaged. His nice gesture unfortunately went south when his wife returned the purse to Zappos, not knowing several thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was packed inside. Realizing her mistake, the woman reached out to Zappos and explained her situation, hoping it wasn’t too late. A sales representative told the woman he had indeed found her jewelry and placed the order for delivery. However upon more consideration, the Zappos employee was concerned the jewelry would not return home safely and bought a plane ticket to hand-delivery the jewelry himself.

2. McDonalds

Customer services goes above and beyond when an employee from McDonalds leaps out of a window to save a customer’s life. Like any other day, a McDonald’s employee greets a woman who pulls up to the drive-thru window, but notices the woman is acting strange and possibly having difficulties breathing. Before the employee had time to question it, the woman loses consciousness and the car begins to roll away with her and her kids inside. Without a second thought, the employee jumps out of the drive-thru window and sprints to stop the runaway vehicle. Thanks to the employee’s quick actions, he was able to stop the car before anyone inside was injured.

3. Southwest Airlines

One morning, Larry Colbert and his seeing-eye-dog, Banner, arrive at the airport ready to board their flight on Southwest Airlines. As Colbert and Banner step out from their car, a taxi driver swerves carelessly in their direction and strikes Banner’s leg leaving behind an open gash. The dog barely whimpers and continues to lead his owner as he was trained despite his injury, and Colbert does not notice that anything has happened to his beloved companion. Fortunately, two employees from Southwest Airlines spot Colbert and Banner and act fast to help the dog who is still bleeding. One employee named Troy Anderson wrapped the dog’s leg and applied pressure while transporting him to the vet. Banner’s leg was treated and healed thanks to two Southwest employees that went out of their way to help a customer in need.

4. Nordstrom

As an employee from Nordstrom is walking through the store’s parking lot, he comes across a few bags, receipts, and a flight itinerary that were likely left from a customer. Determined to find the owner of the bags, he looked up the customer’s number in Nordstrom’s computer and drove straight to John F. Kennedy International Airport calling her number the entire time. He arrived at the airport and had Airport’s management page the woman, hoping she hadn’t already boarded her plane. With time to spare, the woman received her bags back and was grateful for the Nordstrom employee’s generosity.

5. Dunkin’ Donuts

73-year-old Gary Phillips visits Dunkin’ Donuts daily, always excited for his coffee and donuts made by his favorite employees, Megan Schriner and Danielle Hastings. The two girls greeted Phillips every time he visited with a cheerful smile and looked forward to his arrival everyday. As Phillips’ birthday was approaching, the two employees planned to give him a cake, but were disappointed when he didn’t show up at Dunkin’ Donuts for the past few days. They had an uneasy feeling something had happened and decided to visit his home. Hastings had run into Phillips one day while her children were trick-or-treating and knew where his residence was. The two girls knocked on his door repeatedly but were not met with any response. They began calling out his name and walked around his home thinking he may not have heard them. Phillips called out for the two girls who then rushed into the home and found Phillips laying on the floor. Schriner and Hastings rushed him to the hospital where he was cared for until he was free to return home.

6. Ritz-Carlton

A family was vacationing at the Ritz-Carlton for a family trip on Amelia Island, Florida and packed away their belongings as their trip came to an end. Upon returning home, the father realized they left behind their son’s stuffed giraffe named Joshie, a very important keepsake. He quickly got in touch with the staff members at Ritz-Carlton who told him that Joshie was found in the laundry and placed in the lost and found; They would package the stuffed animal and send it back to the family. His father knew his son was very fond of Joshie and would be missing him until he arrived back home. In an effort to assure the boy that his stuffed animal was safe and sound at the hotel, the father asked the staff members at Ritz-Carlton if they could send a picture of Joshie. They happily sent a picture of the stuffed animal soaking up the sun on a lounge chair by the pool. The boy was relieved to know his friend was having a good time on vacation and anxiously awaited his return. When the package arrived, the boy found Joshie tucked away in a bag along with pictures that the hotel staff at Ritz-Carlton had taken. Staff from the Ritz-Carlton went above and beyond taking care of Joshie while he was away and took pictures of him driving golf carts, getting a massage and having the time of his life on a luxury vacation.


Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

Photo Courtesy of the Huffington Post


7. Apple

Apple has long been known for its great customer service as it provides Apple support at every store with an expert readily available to accommodate customers. This particular story emerged when the iPad 2 was released and customers were returning iPads due to technical problems. Apple was quick to dedicate staff to monitoring the returns and ensuring every customer was satisfied with his or her purchase. As Apple staff went through the returns, they came across one package returned to Apple with an iPad 2 inside and a note that read, “Wife said no.” Apple staff responded by sending the package back with the iPad and a note saying, “Apple said yes.”

8. Amazon

On December 21st an anxious dad wakes up to find the PlayStation 3 he ordered for his son from Amazon wasn’t delivered. Knowing the package should have been delivered that morning, the father uses Amazon to track the location of his package. Unfortunately what he found was a message confirming the package was indeed shipped, delivered, and signed for by one of his neighbors. Determined to find his son’s Christmas gift, he confronted his neighbor only to be told the neighbor never signed for one of his packages. This was hardly a situation the father could blame on Amazon, but he decided to reach out to its customer service team in hopes there was something they could do. To his surprise, Amazon barely battered an eye before sending the man a brand new PlayStation 3 arriving just in time for Christmas.



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