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Mindset For A More Productive Day

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The typical workday is a 9-5 job. That gives you eight hours to be better than you were yesterday – to be a more productive, more successful person. Most people will tell you that those people are the ones who work harder than the rest, and while that is true, there is a common misconception about this mindset. Working harder doesn’t mean working longer or to the point of exhaustion, it means working smarter.


Let’s begin.


Your more productive workday starts at night. Go to bed at a reasonable hour that will allow you to wake up with enough time to get ready for work and have time to collect yourself before you begin your workday. Putting aside this time in the morning allows your mind to de-clutter and start with fresh thoughts. Your best ideas and creative concepts come to you with a clearer mind.


Now on to the workday.


When you arrive at work, give yourself some time to collect your thoughts, grab water/coffee/tea and make an agenda for what needs to be accomplished that day. There is nothing worse than finishing the workday and questioning whether or not you made a dent in your workload. As you go through your list, check off each item and make sure to take time to celebrate those little accomplishments. Don’t be fooled into thinking that taking breaks is going to deter you from being productive. As long as you give yourself a time limit and return to your work at said time, you will accomplish more than if you were limited to your desk space and didn’t give your mind time to recollect itself.


Try some of these break methods:

  • Standing and stretching
  • Going for a short walk
  • Talk with coworkers at the office
  • Have a snack/drink some water


Back from break…


You’ve given yourself time to step away from your work, but now it’s time to get back to work. Productivity during this time depends on your ability to focus. Accomplishing a goal starts by eliminating distractions and focusing your attention on the task at hand. There are a few ways to do this:


  • Try making a playlist to list to while working (an instrumental playlist may be more beneficial for writers)
  • Block websites or social media that you know will distract you
  • Set a time limit for a certain task
  • Clean your work area of clutter
  • Keep your cell phone out of hands reach



By eliminating common distractions, or at the very least, keeping them out of sight, you can create a work environment that increases productivity. Creative individuals also thrive on change so don’t be afraid to rearrange your workspace or add a new decoration that will keep your workspace lively and colorful.


Time to clock out.


The workday ends, but some of us are still on the clock. Separating the workday from our home lives to an extent is incredibly important to being more productive. It can be difficult not to take the stress and emails/phone calls home with us, thinking that it will benefit us to keep working and stay informed, but it takes a toll on your work, home life and relationships. Disconnect yourself from work when at home and make relaxing your priority, otherwise work issues will become home issues and thus lead to more stress and less productivity. However, there will always be some overlap, but trying to maintain the balance is crucial.


Try some of the following tips:

  • Keep a notebook if creative ideas come to you outside of work, and write them down to revisit later at work
  • Take minimal phone calls and emails, and if the issue can be addressed later, save it for work
  • Plan other activities after work such as working out to keep the mind stimulated and the body healthy
  • Engage in activities or hobbies related to benefitting your work in the office




Working harder doesn’t mean working longer. Our minds are designed to function best when given breaks and time to rekindle creative thoughts. Give your mind the attention it deserves and work smarter, not longer.

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