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A Sneak Peak At 2018’s Super Bowl Commercials

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A look at 2018’s Super Bowl Advertisement Teasers

The Super Bowl is the one time during the year most of us are looking forward to watching advertisements during commercial breaks. Even if you aren’t rooting for a specific team, you will probably tune in to catch the year’s best, most emotional, hilarious, and utterly bizarre commercials. Lucky for us, some brands have already released teasers to excite viewers and raise the tension before the Super Bowl.



Feat. Danny DeVito

M&M reveals a teaser for its 30-second Super Bowl ad featuring Danny DeVito swimming in a pool of chocolate.



Skittles – The Most Exclusive Commercial Ever Made

Feat. David Schwimmer

This year Skittles is taking on a new approach to advertising by making its commercial available to only one person during the Super Bowl. Although the exclusive ad will not be seen by everyone live, it is safe to say the ad will feature David Schwimmer after Skittles released four teasers this morning.




Feat. Bill Hader

Pringles teases its ad to be aired during the Super Bowl in a comedic behind-the-scenes interview with Bill Hader who will be promoting Pringles’ “Flavor Stacking” campaign.




Last year, Hyundai jerked at our heart strings with an emotional advertisement that honored and surprised three soliders serving in the military. This year, Hyundai reveals that they will be surprising not three, but millions of people – and you could be one of them.




Feat. Cindy Crawford

Pepsi announces that for its 2018 commercial, it will be remaking one of its famous ads featuring Cindy Crawford that aired in 1992.

Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice

Feat. Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage

Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage go head to head battling as Mountain Dew Ice and Doritos Blaze in this year’s Super Bowl commercial.


Stella Artois and Water.org

Feat. Matt Damon

Stella Artois hires Matt Damon to announce its limited chalice and partnership with Water.org to give back to the community and give clean drinking water to those in need.





Feat. Tiffany Haddish

New spokesperson, Tiffany Haddish expresses her love for Groupon and teases “exciting new things” to come for the company in 2018.



Each year, brands find new ways to showcase their company to fans watching the Super Bowl, appealing to different emotions that they hope to resonate with viewers, increase brand awareness and sales. This year shows definite signs of brands stepping out of the traditional marketing strategies in order to stand out from other companies.




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