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Behind the Booth: Gorilla Mill’s Cityscape Design Makes Booming Impact at IMTS

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It was time to say goodbye to Carbide Grinding Company’s (CGC) previous jungle-themed trade show booth and say hello to a new design. DRK Creative sat down with CGC, discussed plans for change, and started designing the new booth for the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) Chicago, 2018.

For well over 30 years, CGC has produced and sharpened cutting tools for the aerospace, automotive, medical, and manufacturing industries. In the past, DRK designed and implemented a jungle theme throughout the booth using gorillas as the company’s staple. Though successful, both teams decided it was time to increase booth space at the upcoming IMTS show and design an even more impactful space.

Merging Jungle and City

IMTS, Chicago. How better to attract attendees and represent the CGC brand than creating a cityscape taken over by gorillas? The DRK team and CGC agreed they would bring the city indoors and showcase each tool throughout the city ‘buildings’. DRK began by creating a 3D booth rendering to show every angle of the envisioned booth. It included:

  • Fabric city backdrop
  • 6 TVs for continuous shared-screen video
  • 1 large Gorilla Mill building with “Fatty G” Gorilla statue
  • 5 surrounding buildings with tool display and video
  • Gorilla statue and park bench
  • Two “L-shaped” countertops with seating and tool display
  • 4-chair seating area and coffee table
  • Gorilla Mill water tower with keg
  • Additional Gorilla statue

In addition to the booth layout, DRK ordered custom Gorilla Mill cups for beer, custom Gorilla Mill bucket hats, and Oktoberfest hats for attendees to wear around the show. Not only were these pieces enjoyable for guests, but they also further promoted the CGC brand.

The Tools

The most important aspect of the show, Gorilla Mill’s end mills and cutting tools, were displayed with LED illumination in various locations in the booth. DRK grouped each family of tools and displayed them at a comfortable viewing angle for attendees, complete with illumination and video. The tools were grouped as shown below:

  1. Yeti
  2. Phenom/Baboon
  3. KnuckleDragger/Sasquatch
  4. Missing Link/Gorilla Mills
  5. Primates/Chimps/Drills

DRK displayed other tools in acrylic blocks across the length of our countertops with LED illumination (as shown above).

The Sasquatch

Every city needs a mascot, but CGC needed a ferocious one. DRK chose the Jack Link’s Sasquatch to parade the aisles of IMTS as the character aligned well with brand’s persona. There he was the face of CGC, greeting attendees, taking photos, and showing off customized hats. The Sasquatch’s presence at IMTS gave the CGC booth another unique quality to set the brand apart and presented unique photo opportunities for guests.

DRK began this redesign project with CGC in hopes to welcome attendees into a larger space, increase awareness, and give guests a taste of the CGC brand. Through each step of the process both teams communicated to ensure each aspect of the booth reflected as a collective vision. DRK is proud to see the CGC booth executed successfully and looks forward to organizing future trade shows with CGC.

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