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The Art Of Modern Dentistry Website Redesign

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The Art of Modern Dentistry (AOMD) recently updated its dental office to feel more comfortable and desirable by providing a relaxing, modern space for its patients to enjoy before their appointments. This was a transition that AOMD also wanted to make as a brand, showcasing that it was unlike other dental facilities in the area and instead were an enjoyable space with staff that treated its patients like family. AOMD approached DRK in hopes that our team could translate this to other areas in advertising including an updated website.

The DRK team shares a unique history with AOMD. Some of our DRK members have visited the AOMD as lifelong patients and were able to learn about the business from a patient’s perspective. This experience gave us an edge when its team approached us, asking to accompany them on its advertising journey. We gladly agreed and set out to create a brand that was as personal as an experience at their dental facility.

Brand Guidelines

The first order of business was to set the groundwork for AOMD. This meant creating a brand manual for our team and theirs to adhere to when representing the brand on any platform or in any future work. The underlying voice of the brand was outlined as personal, unique and modern – themes that were also incorporated into design of the AOMD logo. The finished product was a vibrant arrangement of color blocks and the AOMD name that would appear on anything the dentistry created in the future.


AOMD Website

After building the foundation, we moved onto website design. The layout needed to be easy for patients to schedule a dental appointment or access information about AOMD and the services it provides. Our team created a custom WordPress template with easy-to-read, clean type, and easy navigation that lead consumers to pages regarding services, resources, the AOMD blog, AOMD team biographies, and contact and emergency outlets. Photography of the dental facility on the website was additionally provided by DRK.



AOMD is a unique dental facility that provides its patients with a stress-free experience in a clean and modern facility accompanied by personable staff. The DRK team made it our priority to use these strengths as the brand’s staple and in turn generate more consumers to the AOMD business. The finished website is live and incorporates every aspect set in our previously set goals. Click here to see the AOMD website.




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