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The Best April Fool’s Day Pranks From Brands

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This April Fool’s Day many brands jumped on the opportunity to let out their comedic side and entertain us with ads that seemed a little too ridiculous to be true.

SodaSoak By SodaStream

SodaStream introduced the SodaSoak, its ‘newest innovative product’ available to anyone who has ever had the desire to take a relaxing SodaStream water bath complete with a variety of flavors.

Honda Sixth Sense

Never look up from your phone again when you use Honda‘s Sixth Sense, an app designed to guide you through everyday life while avoiding unnecessary encounters.

Burger King’s Chocolate Whopper

Burger King humors us with the Chocolate Whopper, the most decadent of all fast food burgers.

Petco’s Beautiful Bond Salon

Have you ever wanted to look just like your beloved companion? Now you can with Petco‘s Beautiful Bond Salon.

T-Mobile Sidekicks

T-Mobile brings back one of the most iconic phones of all time, the Sidekick – but with a twist.

White Castle Whey Protein

There’s only one way to get the muscular build you’ve always wanted, and it’s with White Castle‘s Whey Protein Powder.


There are an abundance of products out there that walk the line between useful and hilariously absurd. This April Fool’s Day many brands created their own take on bizarre products and succeeded in entertaining viewers during the holiday. Which products did brands humor you with the most?

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