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Website Redesign: CTM CPAs & Business Advisors

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A service intended to simplify should be simple. That was DRK Creative’s intent behind the redesign of CTM’s website.


When CTM approached DRK Creative, it presented this mission statement, “CTM CPAs & Business Advisors has provided generations of individuals and businesses with sophisticated tax, accounting and consulting services for more than 45 years.” This clearly outlined CTM’s company goals and its desire to help individuals and businesses accomplish their goals. Although CTM provided a strong objective, its website needed to provide mobile services and better direct consumers to its services. When CTM needed these issues resolved, the company reached out to DRK Creative for a website redesign.

Identifying Problem Areas

DRK identified the following problem areas:

  • Outdated graphics
  • Complicated navigation
  • “Hidden” information (information hidden behind several clicks)
  • Slow loading time
  • Nonexistent mobile experience

DRK ensured CTM’s new website would solve these issues as well as provide a more pleasurable experience.


Visitors to the CTM website are looking for one thing, someone to simplify their finances. Taking this into account, DRK simplified the site structure, reducing pages and combining pages that didn’t need to stand alone. These changes paired with the latest strategies to speed up website navigation enhanced consumer experience.

Design Layout

Engagement is the key to attracting a viewer’s attention – and keeping it. DRK incorporated updated, vibrant imagery, sliders and clean form to give the overall website an appealing look. Additional typography changes such as larger headings and properly spaced body copy also ensured text was easy-to-read on all screen sizes.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

“In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones,” according to statistics gathered from Statista. Today almost half of consumers view websites on a mobile screen. This made it imperative for CTM’s new website to account for these individuals. DRK added responsiveness and proper rendering across all devices while additionally reducing the number of pages. All pages were then added to mobile-first menu.

Why It Works

Solving CTM’s problematic areas in website experience could only be accomplished after getting to know the consumer. By understanding exactly what a visitor to the CTM website was looking for, DRK Creative was able to create an online and mobile experience benefiting the needs of the consumer.


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